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1. Document Summary

Author: "Web hosting made easy!"
Document version: v1.0.2 Last update: 03/24/2021
Notes: This document contains information on how to access and use your Tekie website hosting account, your website CMS (Content Management System, which is commonly Wordpress), and your email accounts.


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2. Your Hosting Account


Hello valued Tekie hosting customer,

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing Tekie for your hosting and web services. We truly hope that Tekie will serve you well, and that we will live up to your expectations.

Hosting Administration & Billing

Your website hosting is controlled by two software platforms, which you may log into to manage your billing & payment details, products & services (Customer Portal), and also to access all technical aspects of your website, email, and web hosting server (cPanel).


VIDEO: How to use the Customer Portal



VIDEO: How to use cPanel



3. Email Accounts

About Your Email

Tekie hosting includes integrated high grade email services with all hosting plans. However, the included email services share the overall storage quota and compute resources of your plan, with a maximum mailboxe size of 1.95 GB per email account.

Upgrading To Professional Email OX App Suite

You can upgrade to Professional Business Email with either 10 GB mailboxes (OX App Suite), or 25 GB mailboxes (OX App Suite + Productivity: 50 GB total storage, 25 GB Shareable Cloud File Storage + Office Document Collaboration). These premium email & productivity offerings are available for purchase in your Customer Portal. Need assistance? Send us a requests via a support ticket, or contact form.

  1. Email accounts should not be used for internet marketing, because this often leads to your server IP address becoming blacklisted, causing email deliverability problems. We can provide business grade email accounts, and newsletter / email marketing software or services. Please contact support for more informaiton.

  2. We STRONGLY advise against using any kind of Autoresponder either on your website, or set on individual email accounts. In recent years malware and spambots are constantly attacking websites, and exploiting vulnerabilities. One such way these bots work is to send spam through website contact forms. If such a contact form or associated email address sends an auto-reply (autoresponder email) to the spambot then it is often flagged as being spam itself, causing the email server to become blacklisted. Once blacklisting happens it is very time consuming to identify and resolve the problem, such that email deliverability is restored.

    Autoresponders work GREAT on our premium OX App Suite Email.

VIDEO: How to setup your Email Accounts



4. Website CMS (Wordpress)

Note: only for customers who paid for website services.

About Your Wordpress Website

Your website uses the Wordpress CMS (Content Management System), with a MariaDB database. This provides you with the ability to create multiple user accounts for content creation and administration purposes. More in-depth information can be found in the knowledgebase.

We recommend using separate accounts for Content Creation, and Administration of the website. This helps prevent accidentally 'breaking' the website during the content creation process, where as admninistration access should be limited to knowlegable web professionals.

Maintenance, and our Website Tune-Up Service

As with all CMS (Content Management Systems) powered websites, such as Wordpress, regular maintenance is required to ensure the website continues to run smoothly. Otherwise, software may become outdated and vulnerable to malware attacks. Similarly, regular backups should be carried out in case a software update 'breaks' the website, requiring a backup / restore and code workaround to be implemented. See the Website Maintenance Notice! section for more details.

If you are interested in purchasing a maintenance package for your website, then please request pricing details of our 'Website Tune-Up' service via a support ticket.

Video Tutorials

Members of our Business Pack service can watch a wealth of video tutorials, which teach how to grow your business online, leading to an increase in your business revenue and profits. Videos take you through very basic tasks, to more complex but still easy to follow ones.

Our business customers say that these tutorials have saved them thousands of dollars in web services, while also increasing their profits and revenue greatly.

Please open a support ticket to request information about the Video Tutorial membership.

VIDEO: How to use Wordpress




6. Website Maintenance Notice!

It is important to realize that modern websites need
 constant updates, and some maintenance.

Why do modern websites need upkeep?

  • The software that powers websites is constantly being updated to fix vulnerabilities. This includes everything from the Server, to the CMS (Wordpress in this case), and to any templates, themes, plugins, and added code or scripts.

  • Automated bots are constantly hacking websites. The malware if successful can have many negative impacts, including; deleting files, redirecting the website to dangerous spam pages, injecting malware that will then affect other sites on the same hosting plan, and more.

What is the recommendation to keep websites protected?

  1. Update website software and plugins regularly

  2. Backup site files, content, and databases regularly

  3. Login to the site as Admin regularly and carefully assess which plugins should be updated. WARNING: Some plugin updates may ‘break’ the website due to conflicts with other code/plugins. This is usually simple to remedy, but should be performed by a website administrator.
Backups can often be carried out through the cPanel of your hosting account. It is recommended to backup both via your hosting admin (cPanel, or other), and also carry out manual backups. Staffstack, Inc. and are not responsible for website problems arising from malware, or other website issues after the website has been delivered working to the customer.


7. End of Documentation

Once again, thank you for choosing Tekie for your website & hosting needs!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact page, and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. It might take a bit longer, but we try hard not to keep you waiting longer than 48 hours. From your hosting dashboard you can also open a support ticket.

Wishing you much success online from the Tekie team.